Restoring the Shore Starts with Shopping Local

JACKSON – Hurricane Sandy, the largest hurricane ever to form in the Atlantic Basin, left quite an impact on Jackson Township’s 102 square miles. The business community has many concerns and the Jackson Chamber of Commerce is working to help address these issues.

Hundreds of trees and wooded areas have been damaged, storm drains are over capacity, and wind damage to homes and businesses was severe. There were power outages that lasted up to two weeks and over two million households in the state lost power in the storm. Businesses suffered due to closing during the state of emergency and also suffered loss of supplies, in particular food, due to the power loss.

The effects of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey were harsh, with losses to businesses of up to $30 billion. In the aftermath of Sandy, many gas stations were closed, and people lined up for hours to get gasoline. According to AAA, on November 2, about 60% of the gas stations in New Jersey were closed.

Immediately after Sandy made landfall, a nor’easter came our way and complicated matters by dropping 10 inches of snow in Jackson. Much of the township experienced wet snow which weighed down power lines and caused tree limbs to snap, significantly adding on to the existing power outages throughout Jackson.

Although we stress all year round that you support local businesses, as you prepare to do your holiday shopping this year, the Jackson Chamber of Commerce encourages you to do all of your shopping locally, especially in the Ocean and Monmouth and County area. Help support those businesses that were affected by the force of Sandy.

Please browse our website, especially our member area pages, for a full listing of businesses and their locations. Thank you for your support.

Who We Are

The Jackson Chamber of Commerce is a community of volunteers committed to sharing their professional experience and knowledge for the benefit of Jackson Township’s economy.

Incorporated in 1967, this non-profit organization is over 230 volunteers strong and growing steadily. Its members are small business owners, large corporations, educational institutions, community organizations, banks, restaurants, attorneys and other professionals.

The Chamber members elect the Board of Directors who subsequently elect the officers of the Chamber. The Board determines policies, appoints committees and sets goals for the organization. Other day-to-day functions and back up services are handled by paid staff.

The Jackson Chamber of Commerce is always looking for new meeting locations and speakers to contribute their knowledge to the organization. Reservations to these events are required and are made prior to each meeting.General membership meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at locations throughout the community.The locations rotate throughout our community.